Val’s Story and Testimonial

I want to share a story and testimonial from my client, Val Warner, that she posted to her Facebook page (July 2015). I’ve been wanting to share her story for a long time so with her permission, here’s her story.

Val is an incredibly talented, wild-life artist with work on display in the Wyland Galleries of Las Vegas, Tahoe and Hawaii and recently Royal Street Fine Art Gallery in Aspen. Her primary reason for contacting in 2014 was to deal with frustration in dealing with the business side of art work. She was just about ready to give it up.

We’ve had many sessions together working on fears, problematic relationships, health concerns, and a lot of focus on her business and personal self worth.

In the first month, we worked on energy blocks to receiving money and created affirmations in alignment with what she wanted. Shortly afterwards, I started receiving emails from her to tell me she’s was receiving large commissions for her work, prints were selling briskly, she won money in a casino. She even sold 2 of her images to Walmart. (See more on that below) Within a short period of time, she received thousands of dollars and proof that “my bank account grows rapidly”.

What I believe made a difference for Val, not just in the area of money but in many other areas as well, was that she knew what problems she wanted to work on and she knew clearly what she wanted. From there, synchronicity began to flow.

A year after we started to work together, Val posted the following to Facebook (posted July 22nd, 2015).

“If you want more in your life, are tired of worry or fret over this and that, I so recommend this wonderful, lovely gal and her practice of “Release your baggage”. My blanket deal came in 2 weeks after we worked on abundance! I got an awesome agent, Adriana Lahos, less than a month after we worked on me attracting the perfect person for that job. Relationships that were harmful to me dissolved within a couple of months after clearing some of my crapola (Crap-oh-la) hee hee and Allison’s fees are reasonable….. have a great one! PS: It’s all on the phone! easy peasy.”

And what is the blanket deal you might ask? Walmart found Val and they want her animal image to be on blankets that will soon be selling across the country and beyond. Way to go Val! You are amazing!

You can see Val’s work at her website,

First posted 08-10-2015