Using the Body Code to work with Neck Pain

In the beginning of a session, I will talk to my client about what they are interested in working on during the session. I will then ask the subconscious mind of my client which of the items on the list we should start with. We are often surprised, and sometime amused, by the answers we get.

On this particular day, I was working with Ariel a young woman who had recently graduated from college and was now in her first year of professional work.

I started the session by asking if there was anything else we needed to do before we started the energy release work. The answer I got from her energy was “yes”.

I followed the Body Code mind maps and it led me to a misalignment of her cervical vertebras and a need for “chiropractic care”.

I was very surprised until she told me, “Allison, that is so weird. I’ve been asking my Mom since I was young if I could go to a chiropractor as I’ve had neck problems for as long as I can remember.”

Ariel made an appointment to see a chiropractor soon after the session. She later shared the results. “You are not going to be believe what the chiropractor found” she said. “I don’t have the normal curvature in my neck. Mine is reversed. The only thing keeping my neck on straight is my trapezius muscles.”

“When I was around 6-7, I used to ride horse and I got bucked off a couple of times. We think my neck problems are from that.” Wow!

Not every problem that our body has will require energy releases alone. Your body knows what it needs. We just have to ask like we did with Ariel.

First posted 06-21-2014