Clients sharing their experiences

A big thank you to those who contributed to the testimonials and stories you'll read below. It has been my pleasure and a gift to work with each of you.  Allison​​​​ 

Overcoming tragedy 

I came to see Allison for “failing to thrive” and moving on in my life. I’d had a number of devastating things happen in the past 4 years.  But when my horse died from a tragic accident 2 years ago, I went into deep despair and had a really hard time getting out of it.

Now, three weeks later, I feel so much better. I don’t even have angst when I look at a picture of my horse. I’m also coping so much better. Things that used to be a problem for me, I seem to be able to let it go of more easily. I started a 21-day exercise challenge and haven’t missed a day. I’m also noticing that synchronicity is happening and things are just falling into place.

Lisa B, Sacramento CA

Finding peace after betrayal

When I started seeing Allison, I’d been struggling with post traumatic stress disorder for a couple of years. Finding out my husband had been unfaithful and was living a double life shattered my world. I had so much grief and anxiety that it was difficult to function. I felt worthless and hopeless.

I’d tried traditional therapy, lots of self-help books, yoga, and everything else I thought might help. But nothing helped.

Yet after just a few sessions with Allison, I’m starting to feel like my old self again. When something negative happens in my life, I’m able to see it for what it really is- without the weight of every painful emotion I felt in the past added to it. It actually does feel like I am no longer carrying around that heavy baggage!

I'm so grateful to feel more at peace and confident. It has helped me find the strength to realize I can get through this.

Teri G, CA

Managing my business

You make me ready to do what the business coaches tell me to do. It's not so hard after we work together.

Val Warner, Pacerville CA (Artist)

Clearing blocks to more income

After working with you, things have really changed quite positively for me and for my businesses. Our sessions have helped me to trust my instincts.  They've also helped me realize and ask for my true value.

Because of that, I've made connections that are opening doors for me regarding both of my businesses.  I just signed a new contract that will bring in a regular pay cheque so I'll no longer have to worry about making ends meet. I'm relieved, excited and truly happy to be this busy with so much going on in my life.

Thank you again for steering me in the right direction and helping me realize what was blocking me from achieving my success.

Tracy F, New York City (Consultant and Business Owner)

I'm more productive

I'm more focused, more energized, and more productive. I'm not going through the motions any longer. I feel like I've released a lot of baggage. That's helped me be all I can be.

"Sam" B, Houston TX (Business Owner)

Gaining self-confidence

As soon as I worked with Allison, I realized how compassionate, kind, supportive and humble she is.  I found her to 100% dedicated to my well-being and healing. 

I also found to her to be professional and organized. Most important of all - her process works! 

Every session leaves me feeling discernibly emotionally and/or physically lighter.  I'm happy to report more self-confidence (especially at work) and greater ease in speaking my truth.  It's as if the fire I'd once had in me, and then thought lost forever as a result of certain life challenges, has been reignited.  Woo-hoo!

If you're invested in letting go of your old “stuff” so you can move through life with greater peace and clarity, contact Allison!  She’s truly ah-mazing!

Shona S, Toronto Canada

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Freeing who I really am!

I've had 2 sessions with Allison. The first was wonderful and it lifted a dark veil I've had over my eyes to protect me.

The second session was even more wonderful.  I don’t know how to explain it! I was working on speaking up for myself. The emotions found and released were tied to my intestinal area where I've always had issues. About 3 days after my session, I was really able to feel the difference.

I do not feel pain in my stomach and heart area like I did before when I want to give my opinion, or let someone know they're walking all over me! I don’t know how to explain it. I can tell you that my husband was the first one that noticed my fear was gone!!!!  Poor guy.  Thank you Allison!

Lisa in Colorado

Saying 'no' to caffeine

"My work with Allison was very effective. I was having a hard time getting off of caffeine. I suspected it was emotionally driven. With her help we we're able to dig deeper and uncover a range of emotional blockages. After clearing them it seemed to get a lot easier to say no to caffeine. More than 3 months later and I feel I am in control of the choice. Simple, clean, clear and way more powerful than one might expect from such a simple process. She loves what she is doing and it shows in how she holds her clients."

Eugene V, Grass Valley CA

The benefits I got from working with Allison

Allison is a fabulous teacher and healer. The benefits I got from working with her were... 

1)  I could express life/work/home events and accompanying emotions without trepidation of judgement.

2) Allison always provides ways to therapeutically either assuage or eradicate negative feelings while simultaneously providing ways to bolster positive feelings as a substitute. 

3) Relief of both realized and unrealized physical and emotional pain.

Matt, Sacramento CA

New opportunities after clearing a Heart Wall

The results from the work we did around my heart wall have been absolutely amazing. I believe the column I'm writing in our local newspaper is a direct result of that work and is introducing me to some of the most interesting people I've ever met. I may have actually met the love of my life.  The only thing that changed was the work I did with you.

Jan F, Grass Valley CA

Living in fear

I was in a horrible situation when I contacted you.  A live-in roommate was acting out and I felt threatened.  It triggered feelings and issues from my childhood.

As the stress of the situation went on, I felt more and more helpless and hopeless.  My health was suffering because of it.

My day in court to ask for a restraining order was approaching and I knew I needed help.   I contacted Allison.

You were so great!  You released so much of my baggage as well as the negative energy he was putting into my house and the immediate area.

Afterwards, I was calmer and was able to let go of my anger and animosity towards the roommate.  In fact, we had a decent conversation the day before court!

I know the energy releases you did helped me maintain my composure in court and opened the way to receive a restraining order. One of my childhood issues was fear of 'not being believed’. The judge not only believed me but granted a greater stay away distance than I had requested! 

Well done Allison.  Thank you again.  I'll be back!

Deidre, Sacramento CA

I feel unstoppable

I feel like I needed to find myself.  Now, I feel so much stronger. I feel like I can grow because I don't have all these things dragging me down.  I'm not going in circles any more.  I feel like a curse was lifted.  I feel unstoppable! 

"Debra", Concord CA

Finding self-confidence and courage after breakup

"My life has been on the craziest roller coaster ever! I’ve had major health problems for a few years but everything in my life became much worse when my relationship broke up unexpectedly bringing many more problems with it.

My emotional, mental, and physical health suffered in the worst way. There were days when I literally felt like someone was constantly hitting me in my stomach with only temporary relief. All I wanted to do was curl up into a little ball and hide.

Feeling literally at the end of my rope, I found Allison online. Even though I was familiar with the Emotion Code, I didn’t know much about the Body Code. I was somewhat intrigued and thought I would give it a try.

The shift I’ve had only 5 weeks after working with Allison has been beyond remarkable! I went from a little, wilting flower with her head hanging down to having more self-confidence and courage. But more importantly, I have peace in my heart that gives me the strength to move forward knowing I’m going to be alright despite all the challenges in my life.

Working with Allison has been incredibly amazing. Her intuitive skills can truly help a person leave the ‘negative’ stuff behind so you are ready for a beautiful and exciting new life!"

Angela Santiago, Fredrickburg VA 

Miraculous encounter

I contacted Allison for blocks that kept me from giving and receiving love. It was no wonder that people reacted to me the way that they did when we found what those blocks were.

After a few sessions, Allison suggested I call out to the universe asking for the woman I truly desired to contact me. We hadn’t been in touch for over a year. I decided to give it a try.

All of that from the Body Code sessions. I'm really looking forward to more!

Moses R, Oakland CA

My chronic pain is gone

My chronic low back pain is gone.  Two years later, there is still no pain...The value is priceless.

Julie R, Chicago IL

Finding my truest self

Allison has been exactly what I needed. I was in and out of therapy for years, looking for a way to let go of the past and move toward a brighter, more positive and peaceful future. But there was always something holding me back, always a skeleton in the closet I wasn’t able to pinpoint and work through.

Allison has helped not only to identify those skeletons, but to release them. It’s incredible how much lighter and more grounded I’ve felt since I started working with her.

Allison, thank you for helping me to find my truest self. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time and I'm forever grateful.

Ariel M, Hartford  CT

Reversing self-sabotage

Allison helped me reverse my negative programming, the thoughts and beliefs that had been sabotaging my efforts.  It was miraculous.  Installing revised and improved beliefs immediately ignited positive changes in my life. 

Jan F, Grass Valley CA

Got rid of the pain in my neck

Allison understands people.  She's methodical and compassionate. My first session helped ease the ache in my left neck tremendously as trapped energies were released. The next day I woke up feeling far less achy than I have been in months.

Maria, San Francisco CA

Ending 8 months of life altering digestive problems

Thea had been ill with digestive problems for 8 long months. Her symptoms had gotten so bad that she’d spent almost a week in the hospital 5 months after it all started. She’d had 4 CAT scans and multiple other tests that weren’t leading to the right treatment.

When I first talked with Thea she told me “I feel raw inside.” She had difficulty keeping food down, had constant pain in her left side, and struggled with other symptoms like bloating. Her doctors told her she had Diverticulitis and Gastric Reflux Disease. Thea was tired of feeling sick and was ready to try anything. She just wanted to feel better and get her life back.

I told Thea about the energy work I was doing and offered her a session with me. She was more than ready. “I’m a stuffer” she told me. “I know I stuff my emotions.”

Thea and I spent 45 minutes together. Using the Body Code, we uncovered an infection and 4 different energies including two trapped emotions from her Heart Wall, ‘hopelessness’ from age 2 when her grandfather died and ‘lack of control’ from 4 years earlier. At the end of the session, she was feeling lighter and noticed a tingling sensation.

Two days later, Thea contacted me with great news. “I’ve not had one pain in my left side for two days!  And, I’m keeping my food down!”

When we worked together a week later, Thea’s voice sounded stronger and happier. She reported, “After one week of this energy work, I've felt better than I have over the past 8 months while I’ve been poked, prodded, and medicated by my doctor.  I spent 8 months looking for a diagnosis and treatment and spending lots of money in the process when I all I needed was energy work.”

Thea LaCouture, NC

Freeing my fears

Allison has a way of making you feel comfortable. Since our sessions, I've found that I’ve opened up and feel better about what I'm doing and where I'm going. I no longer have those dark feelings and fears holding me back. Thank you Allison for your gentle way!

Jim P, Livermore CA

Releasing self-doubt

Allison’s understanding, compassion and guidance in using the Body Code for my issue was very comforting. With her experience, we got right to the issue and cleared any blockages that were there. I had a feeling that these were the issues to clear but was uncertain how to get to them. I feel fully capable and ready to pursue my certification in the Body Code. Thank you Allison for all you are and do!!

Greg in Illinois

The happiest I've ever seen you!

Since I started working with you, I find I'm not taking on other people's stuff like I used to.  Even my husband told me recently, "this is the happiest I've ever seen you."

Annette, Sacramento CA

I got relief

Allison is very professional and made me feel at ease instantly. Her session was extremely professional and well done. I received relief from my issue and feel excited to have future sessions. 

Kristy in Maryland

Pain in my hand

I was impressed with how personable Allison was, making me feel safe and comfortable from the beginning. She was spot on about the pain in my right hand being out of alignment

Judy B, Auburn CA

Knowing where I came from

The theme of my session today was on my weight issues.  Trapped emotions  went back 4 generations. You learn indirectly of the challenges that your ancestors went through and the walls they built up to protect themselves. All the more reason to schedule another session to see what other “secrets” are hidden! Thank you Allison for your great work and I look forward to our next session….

Tanya L. in Ohio

It was the broccoli... 

"Elaine" came to me with a body odor problem she’d had for a few years which was causing a number of problems in how she lived her life.  She’d been to several doctors but none of their recommended treatments had helped. Her search for a solution led her to Dr. Brad’s work and ultimately to me.

Using the Body Code, I asked for underlying causes for her body odor.  We were led to work on a Heart Wall release then found heavy metal toxicity.  We were hopeful, but it was not the full answer to the body odor problem.

When problems persist, it's time to get creative in how we ask questions.  Since the body order started in the morning, I asked if there was a food she needed to avoid or was there a food she needed to add to her diet.  The surprising answer was that she needed broccoli.  What meal of the day?  Breakfast!  I am often amazed at the answers that come up.

Elaine followed the recommendations meticulously.  Broccoli became a staple of her morning breakfast.  She preferred to cook it but for only 3 minutes.

A month later I got an email from Elaine and it said “my odor is gone…Allison, I’m very grateful, THANK YOU!!! I got my life back.” Amazing.  Broccoli.  Who would've thought that broccoli would make the difference.

"Elaine", CA