Building My Healing Business

Business Courses for Healing Practitioners  

Accelerate your progress so you can do what you love and make a difference in the world.  Avoid months of frustration and stress from trying to figure it out on your own. 

Upcoming Classes

Course #1 Take Flight:  Launch Your Business & Soar 

Early Bird Registration is in process for class beginning January 25th.

Course #2 Accelerate:  Attracting Clients to FIll your Calendar

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​Course #1:  Take Flight, Launch Your Business & Soar

Registration has begun! Sign up now as seats are limited for the January class.

Group and online training to help you run and build a practice.  With the necessary "know how" of managing a healing business, you'll be able to focus your energy where it matters most:  your clients. 

When you're starting out, or even if you’ve been at it awhile, you have a long list of "how to" questions that can be so overwhelming that it can take the wind out of your sails. When the pieces aren't put into place correctly, it will create problems for you time and time again.

This 8-week course is designed to provide the groundwork and essential ingredients to help you work with your clients, add systems and technology for greater efficiency and help you gain clarity and confidence in running your business. 

Who is this course for?

You're certified in your healing modality

You're on a mission to help people

You have a strong desire to move forward and take action

You have the time and are committed to participating in webinars and working on assignments

You're coachable

What's Included?

This 8-week course includes weekly webinars for training and Q&As. Each week, you'll have an assignment focused on helping you build your foundation and to integrate what you're learning. 

The program provides...

A private Membership site for course content - recorded webinars, download material, and training videos.

A private Facebook page for discussion and collaboration

One Energy Healing session aimed at clearing blocks interferring with growing your business

And, a very special Bonus webinar to be announced a later date

What you'll gain from the class...

Laying the groundwork:  what's your why? your mission?

Mindset:  Identifying blocks that sabotage your ability to succeed

Balancing the demands of working "in" vs. "on" your business

When to DIY vs. delegate or collaborate, building a team to support you

Strategy for creating services and setting fees to charge for what you're worth

Technology solutions to help you be more efficient - communication systems, scheduling, collecting payments, documentation and more

Recommendations and "lessons learned" from me on developing your website

Setting up your home office for remote work or for meeting clients one-on-one

Create "Work with me" policies and guidelines that establish healthy boundaries

Develop and plan for "your ideal client experience" to build loyalty and client retention

Consultations, turning a consult into a paying client

Collecting Testimonials

Beginning discussions on attracting clients into your practice.  More to follow in Course #2. 

And more.

Next?  Sign up.

Registration has begun for a start date of January 25th.  Participant spots are limited so secure your place now and receive a 42% discount for early registration.