How do you know if the energy work is making a difference?

Clients often ask how they’ll know if releasing emotional baggage will make a difference. My answer is changes for health problems can be noticeable very soon after the release. And then again, it’s possible you won’t notice changes taking place at all. By working on imbalances, our intention is to make conditions right so the body can do the self-healing it needs to do. We can never predict what will occur.

When it relates to life, changes tend to be subtle.

I worked with a client recently who reflected on what she noticed after two sessions. “It’s about the absence of stuff,” she said. “It’s like defragging a computer. The most significant thing is I didn’t realize how sad I was. Things have been haunting me for a long time. Now, I feel more energized.”

Another client, Val, who completed a number of sessions over a 2 month period noticed quite a transformation since we started. In the beginning, she was “ready to quit everything.” She was scattered, fearful of loosing her business, financially challenged and quite unhappy.

Two months later, she’s a dramatically different person. She’s focused, inspired, and has direction for herself and her business. Her inner power is shining through with a renewed belief in herself and where she is going in life.

A note from August 2016, Val has continued to have maintenance sessions with me over the past couple of years. It’s been amazing to see her results and synchronicity seems to more easily come her way following a session. If you haven’t already, read the blog post “Val’s Testimonial” and see the great opportunity that came her way.

So what can you expect from this work? I suggest having an open mind and know that anything is possible.

First posted 08-18-2014