Helping a client with a herniated disc

I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed as a guest on Michelle Price’s “The Business of Online Thought Leadership” radio program recently. This is my first interview talking about the energy healing I do so it was quite a turning point for me. Click here to listen to the interview.

But, there is more to the story.

Michelle and I had an appointment to talk a week before the interview. At the time, she had wanted to post pone our discussion because of intense pain she was having from a herniated disc. I offered to work on her and she accepted.

I found the exact area in her spine that was herniated, which was between the last lumbar vertebrae (L5) and the sacrum. I also found trapped emotional energies in the disc area that came from a move out of her home a few years earlierShe was intrigued and awed as each of the energies I found had a special meaning for her from that time.

Immediately after releasing the energies, she mentioned that her back felt better. I didn’t hear how her back felt during the week until the time of the radio show the following Friday. You can hear her talk about it by listening to the audio of the interview.

After the show, she told me her pain had subsided so much that she was taking less pain medications and her spine felt like it was in better alignment. Wow!

Michelle is not the first person to tell me she had major improvement in a misaligned back or joint. I am amazed every time I hear it. It does show the power of this work and that by removing old baggage, it makes conditions right in order for self healing to occur.

First posted 06-29-2014