The Heart Wall

The Heart Wall is created by the subconscious mind when we are in a state of intense stress. In an effort to protect this vital part of ourselves, a collection of trapped emotions are used as the building material to create a “bomb shelter” like structure. The frequencies of these trapped emotions are wrapped layer by layer around the heart and can we be removed layer by layer as well.

The effects of a Heart Wall can lead to devastating effects in health and happiness. Being free from a Heart Wall means we can live more fully from an open heart, create greater abundance, and even find love.​

How the Heart Wall Develops

Have you ever felt extremely sad, vulnerable, or heart broken? Maybe it was due to an argument, a great disappointment or even the loss of a loved one to break up or death. Or, maybe you’ve experienced a difficult childhood, difficult marriage or the the trauma of being bullied, abused, violated or been through the effects of war. There are many more scenarios that can lead to the creation of a Heart Wall.

​Even when there is no else is in your life to protect you, your subconscious is. Over time, more and more layers of trapped emotions are added to the Heart Wall just like an onion adds layers and layers while its growing and maturing.

​The effect of these layers means its harder and harder to show love and to receive it. This “bomb shelter” structure is needed in the hard times but who wants to live in a bomb shelter when the threat is gone? That’s the problem with a Heart Wall. It will stay in place until the emotions are released.

Ways a Heart Wall Can Affect You...

Block your ability to give and receive love

Create depression, anxiety, isolation, numbness and emptiness

Stop you from achieving success in your career or other life goals

Lower your immunity to diseases

Cause physical pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back, and...

Affect your health.

It is also suspected to be a factor in heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and heart attacks.

How a Heart Wall Can Affect Those You Love...

A Heart Wall can protect your heart from being hurt, but it can also prevent you from experiencing love in its greatest and purest capacity and can even keep you from finding true love.

When a Heart Wall is present, your love frequency must pass through the energy frequency layers surrounding the heart becoming twisted or diminished into something less than its original, pure intent. The person you are sending love to receives the distorted version which can be why things sometimes don’t work out even when you have the best intentions.

Without a Heart Wall, the love frequencies can be sent from our heart to another without interference and the purity of that love can be fully received. Clearing the Heart Wall occurs when we gently and easily release the layers of trapped energies.

"When trapped emotions and Heart Walls are released, people sometimes say it’s like they can finally feel again. They can give and receive love freely for the first time in a long time. In that state, very interesting and wonderful things can happen."

~ Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code Book

What's your Heart Wall made of?

The Heart Wall has both thickness and density, and both of these are created by the subconscious. It decides what material it’s made of and how thick it is. Your past experiences can influence both.

What your Heart Wall is made of (the density) is as unique as you are. It can be as hard as steel, as crumbly as sugar cookies, or as high-tech as the energy shields used in Star Trek.

I’ve measured Heart Walls in inches and centimeters as well as miles and kilometers. Your thickness tells us how much you’ve needed to protect yourself throughout your life. Whether it’s 10 inches or 4000 miles thick, the number of sessions to release it could be the same.

When I found my own Heart Wall, it was made of cement cinder blocks. Why cement cinder blocks? I grew up on a farm in Minnesota and every morning I looked across the yard to our barn. It was built of gray, cement, cinder blocks that replaced a barn built in the late 1800s made of wood that had collapsed. The cement, cinder block barn seemed indestructible to me and was a wonderful representation of the Heart Wall I needed.

Clearing the Heart Wall

When its ready to be released, the goal is to completely release your Heart Wall. No matter how thick it is or what it’s made of, it can be done. We do this by removing one layer or one trapped emotion at a time. The average number of sessions it takes to release it is between 2 and 4. For those who’ve experienced significant trauma or abuse (including PTSD), it can take more sessions.

There are times when more than one Heart Wall can be found. No matter how many, all Heart Walls can be released.

Removing the Heart Wall can have immediate effects ranging from subtle to profound. My clients often notice improvements from subtle to profound in their overall life or well being even before the entire Heart Wall is released. They have described shifts in their lives from relief from aches and pains, feeling a greater sense of peace, expanded opportunities, and an improved capacity to bring love into their lives.

The trapped emotions making up your Heart Wall will not return. However, it’s possible to have a new Heart Wall develop as you face new challenges and events in your life. An annual check for the presence of a new Heart Wall is recommended.

If you do experience a new major life event, I’ve found my clients have greatly benefited from a session soon afterward. This enables them to release the new trapped emotions before they have time to take hold and negatively impact their life.

Results of removing Angela's Heart Wall

Angela was raised in a family where trauma occurred frequently. Though she had many trials to overcome in her early adult life, she eventually found what she was looking for. She married a good man and became the mother to great kids. Things were good, but, as Angela said in our first session, “not great”. One of her problems was left shoulder pain she’d had for 10 years. No matter what she did, it didn’t go away.

In her first session, we found Angela had a Heart Wall that took three sessions to clear. After the first session, Angela had some great news and described it as a miracle. “The pain in my left shoulder is almost gone.” And, “It was so strange when 5 people who normally don’t seem to notice me all said good-bye to me as I left work.” And last, she said her relationship with her husband was improving. They were diffusing disagreements early and she said “We are getting along great!”

When we met for her last Heart Wall session, Angela had more good news. “Since you worked on me, my life changed for the better. I’m happier day to day and I feel so at peace. And I’m amazed at how opportunities are coming my way. The door is open and good things are coming in. My relationship with my husband has improved. We’re connecting and not fighting anymore. Even my son’s prior tantrum’s have gone away. And that pain in my neck? It’s gone!”

Are you ready to release your Heart Wall?

You likely have a Heart Wall if you don't feel connected to other people, you've had a lot of difficulties in your life, and/or 'life' is just not going your way. 

Dr, Brad believes 93% of us have a Heart Wall.  In my practice, I have yet to meet an adult who doesn't have one. Many children do as well.

To assess if you have a Heart Wall, sign up for a Free Consultation.  If you believe you do (trust your instincts), sign up for the Clear your Heart Wall Package.  It includes 3 Heart Wall release sessions. If your Heart Wall is not cleared after that session, I'll provide a 4th session at no addition cost.  If your Heart Wall is cleared before the end of the 3rd session, we'll focus our time on other issues you'd like to address.

One of my client's made an interesting observation after we removed her Heart Wall.  She said, "It's more about what don't see show up in your life...less stress, less angst, less disappointments."  Doesn't that sound good? 

I'm looking forward to helping you release yours!

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