The Emotion Code

Trapped emotions are what we believe to be emotional baggage and that is carried with us wherever we go. It’s the stuff born from difficult and negative experiences, yet it has the power to keep us stuck in all areas of our life for years to come.

Releasing emotional baggage is not as difficult as you might think. Using the Emotion Code, an energetic clearing process created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, we can quickly identify, easily mobilize, and gently release the negative energy. No long drawn out conversations that entice you to relive the past. Just an easy process that many of my clients say creates a sense of peace and lightness.

What are Trapped Emotions?

If I asked you to remember a time when you felt upset, frustrated, angry, heart broken, grief stricken, I suspect a specific memory will quickly spring to mind. You might even feel an emotional charge in just thinking about it.old-woman-with-hands-on-desk.

At times, we can let go of negative emotions when they happen, but not all the time. What happens when we don’t release them is they become trapped in our bodies and create all sorts of imbalances that can have detrimental effects shortly afterward or many years later. Not only can trapped emotions live in our bodies long after the event, they can even be passed on from generation to generation.

Trapped emotions are like balls of energy. Each emotion has its own energetic frequency. When the emotional energy lodges in the body, the frequency affects the nearby tissues. Eventually those tissues will fall into resonance with the vibrational energy of the trapped emotion thus experiencing that energy on a continual basis. We call this an energetic imbalance affecting the surrounding organs or tissues. The good news is when trapped emotions are released people often go on to live healthier and happier lives.

Do you have trapped emotions?

The ways in which we can acquire trapped emotions are many and varied. Basically anything that produces an intense uneasy feelings within us can generate emotions that can become trapped within. Below is a list of circumstances that can produce trapped emotions.

Loss of a loved one

Divorce or relationship problems

Financial hardship

Home or work stress

Miscarriage or abortion

Physical or emotional trauma

Physical or emotional combat

Physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse

Negative self-talk

Negative beliefs about yourself or others

Long-term stress


Physical illness

Feelings of inferiority

Internalization of feelings

Neglect or abandonment

"It's my experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulty and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies."

Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author of The Emotion Code Book

Listen as Dr. Brad Releases Trapped Emotions

...and hear how quickly the caller has results.

Dr. Brad is a frequent radio show guest explaining what trapped emotions are and how to release them. In this short audio clip, you'll hear Dr. Brad who is a guest on Darius Barazandeh's “You Wealth Revolution” program. He is working with a caller who's having breathing problems. Notice how Robin’s breathing and heart rate improve as Dr. Brad releases just 2 trapped emotions from her Heart Wall, one of which is inherited.

Dr. Brad Interviewed ...

Success Stories from my Clients

The emotional baggage we get from trapped emotions shows up in many ways from health and emotional problems, to relationship problems, to feeling stuck and challenged in ones career, to never having enough money. The release process using the Emotion Code is a simple, gentle and an effective way to correct imbalances caused by these energies.

I've heard many stories from my clients of how releasing trapped emotions has made a difference in their lives. Below, you'll find a few of them.

The stories are varied. You'll read about relief from chronic pain, relief from acute pain that was so bad a client was hospitalized, and stories about dealing with childhood traumas as well as anxiety and depression. If you have a specific question about your own situation, please contact me and we can discuss how it might be a benefit to you.

Dealing with Death and Physical Pain

Coping ​with the death of a friend

After experiencing the tragic death of a close friend to suicide, "Anne" came to me a week later feeling "antsy" and was having problems concentrating making it difficult to meet her work deadlines.

In her session, we worked on releasing the emotions of Shock, Lost, and Peeved as well as a few others. The next morning Anne found her ability to concentrate had returned and stayed with her throughout the day. This was a huge change and a big relief from how she'd been ruminating about her friend's death in the previous days.

"Th​e pain is absolutely gone"

Jewel is very serious about her workouts. She is up and in the gym by 4:30 AM 6 days a week. Her problem was persistent hip pain in her Sacro-Iliac (SI) joint that made getting out of bed and her workouts very painful. I worked with her to release emotions trapped at age 20 - Lost and Sadness. She noticed she felt better right away but the proof would come to see how well she did during her workout.

The next morning Jewel called with exciting news. "I woke up this morning and rolled out of bed without my SI joint hurting. Then I did my workout and my pain level was zero! I am so amazed!! The pain is absolutely gone!"

Trauma from the past

If you have experienced traumatic events such as abuse, a troubled childhood, neglect, war, loss of a partner through death, divorce or break-up, such things as anxiety, depression, phobias, or feeling out of control might be all too familiar. The Emotion Code and the Body Code has helped many with those problems. Read "Kate" and "Debra's" stories below.

Dealing with Childhood Trauma

Kate's troub​led childhood and depression 

“Kate” suffered severe abuse during her childhood and had little memory before the age of 16. She also dealt with bipolar depression and other health conditions including seasonal insomnia.

Over the months we worked together, she reported many benefits. Her seasonal insomnia would begin in August and last for a few months. She found she was sleeping better than she had in prior years. She found people talking to her who previously had ignored her. She was told her face was lighter and brighter and the dark circles under her eyes were lightening up. She found the heavy weight of depression improved.

But one of the truly amazing results was that she was able to connect to her feelings more fully and even found she was able to cry which she hadn't done for about 20 years.

Transforming anxiety into "I feel unstoppable"

“Debra” had major problems with anxiety which likely had its origins in her traumatic childhood. Her mother had problems with drug addiction and lost custody of “Debra” when she was just two years old. It was not a surprise when we found many trapped emotions from that period in her life.

We worked together over several months. During her last appointment, she reflected on how the Emotion Code sessions had helped her. “I feel like I needed to find myself. Now I feel so much stronger. I feel like I can grow now. I don’t have all those things dragging me down now and I’m not going in circles like I was before. I feel like a curse was lifted. I feel unstoppable!”

Children and Trapped Emotions

Children and animals can have trapped emotions too though they tend to have less trapped emotions to clear.

When a child has experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or abandonment, trapped emotions can manifest in extreme forms including temper tantrums and anger issues, suicidal thoughts, and self-abuse.

Clearing a child’s trapped emotions helps them in their crucial developmental years and leaves the baggage behind so they're not bringing it with them into adulthood.

Working with Kids 

From accident prone to coming in first place 

I was asked to work with a client’s teenage daughter, Erica, who loved horses and was soon to participate in a riding competition. The problem was Erica had become quite accident-prone and had had several injuries recently. With the upcoming competition, Erica’s mom asked if the Emotion Code might help her. I told her I didn't know but we could at least clear any trapped emotions she had.

A few days after Erica's session, her mom called with wonderful news. Erica not only had been free of accidents, but she placed first in her riding division! She’d even stopped complaining about her old injuries hurting her.

Inherited Trapped Emotions

We not only have trapped energies from our own life but we can also acquire them from our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and beyond. Inherited baggage can have a profound effect on the generations who receive the baggage. The science of Epigenetics provides insight into how this might be possible.

The Emotion Code allows us to identify the trapped emotion, who it came from (mother’s side or father’s side) and in what generation the emotion became trapped. At the same time the trapped emotion is released from you, it can also be released from the ancestral line whether or not the person is living or has passed on.

Finding Inherited Energies

How this worked in my own family

I saw first hand how emotions are passed from parent to child when I worked on my college age nephew. I found a trapped emotion of Grief he’d inherited from his father (my brother) and his grandmother (my mother).

When I was turning 8 years old, my 5 year old brother died of poisoning. It was a tragic loss for my whole family and for a long period of time, our grief was enormous. At the time, my mother was 7 months pregnant with my brother who would become my nephew’s father. Her trapped emotion of grief was transferred to my brother while she was pregnant with him who then passed it on to his son. When we released the Grief from my nephew, we released it from my brother and mother as well. If you'd like to know about my story, you read about in my About page.

Hospitalized with acute pancreatitis

Samantha was in the hospital with acute pancreatitis and in intense pain when her mother-in-law Roberta called to ask me to work on her. Her lab work was off the charts and her pain was so intense she was receiving IV morphine.

After calling Samantha in the hospital to get permission to work on her, Roberta and I conducted a distant Emotion Code session on her behalf. We found inherited trapped emotions of Terror and Resentment that she'd received from her mother.

Before Samantha was born, her mother was married to an abusive man who left her feeling traumatized at times. She divorced him and later married Samantha's father. The emotions we released from both Samantha and her mother we believe were acquired during her mother's first marriage.

The next day, Roberta called with great news. Samantha had had her last dose of morphine while we were doing the session. And, she was doing so well the morning after the session, her doctors discharged her. I learned later that Samantha was out Christmas shopping the day after her discharge. Roberta and I both thought is was remarkable.

Are emotions from 26 generations back affecting the current generation?

I worked with a mother and her daughter who had both acquired the trapped emotions of Depression, Betrayal, and Indecisiveness. We traced the emotions back 25 generations in the mother and 26 in the daughter and found the emotions had been passed from mother to daughter, generation after generation. That takes us back to the Middle Ages!

It might be interesting enough that we find emotions going back so far but there is more to the story. The mother has suffered from depression since childhood. The other interesting fact is that their family has an inherited defect found on a specific chromosome that is only passed from mother to daughter. What a fascinating coincidence! Does it make you wonder in what generation the defect first appeared.

Effects of World War I passed onto the next generation

Ann, 88, has had problems with a condition called Restless Legs for years. It makes it very difficult for her to get to sleep at night.

I found an inherited trapped emotion of Panic in her right knee that I traced back to her father. I asked her if that made sense and she said, ”Oh yes. My father was in World War I where he was gased by the enemy. He survived but later developed Multiple Sclerosis that we thought was caused by it.”

Could releasing your trapped emotions make a difference for you? 

It's been four years now since I was certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner.  I'm still amazed at the various ways removing trapped emotions can have favorable results in someone's life.  We can't predict how releasing emotions will improve your life now, or even into the future, but I can tell you that you deserve the opportunity to see for yourself.

It's been four years now since I was certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner.  I'm still amazed at the various ways removing trapped emotions can have favorable results in someone's life.  We can't predict how releasing emotions will improve your life now, or even into the future, but I can tell you that you deserve the opportunity to see for yourself.

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In your Consultation or first session, we'll discuss what physical or emotional problems you'd like to work on, or we'll let your body/subconscious guide us towards the imbalances or blockages that are in the way of your health and well being. 

It's an amazingly simple and gentle process yet has shown to be highly effective.  It's not important for you to understand the process, I just ask that you be open and ready for change!  It really is that easy.