T3 Core Belief Work

Gwen Legler and Leilani Alexander are pioneers of the Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) modality that takes energy healing to the next level and is a wonderful compliment to the Emotion Code and Body Code.

As Gwen says, "It's the things you DON'T know about yourself that cause you to bog down". T3 helps find those things. 

T3 was developed over many years of practicing together. Their work became so well regarded that clients flew to see them from across the country. Eventually, they reached the point that when they knew it was time to teach other practitioners. Consequently, they are no longer seeing new clients so they can train and certify others.

What is Three Dimensional Therapy (T3)?

Have you ever felt like there was an invisible barrier holding you back? You know what you want but its always out of reach? Or, when it is finally within reach you sabotage it and find yourself feeling angry and frustrated?

That's an example of a faulty Core Belief hidden within your subconscious. You can try and override it with affirmations, coaching and other forms of support but often the same problem continues to hold you back. The T3 program addresses faulty Core Beliefs getting in the way.

T3 works with the underlying Core Beliefs that drive our thoughts and our actions. Gwen and Leilani came to realize that every person develops belief systems to cope with life. When belief systems are faulty, their ability to cope is compromised or limited.

Unlike the often-used therapy methods available, T3 has an added, integral dimension--the ability to go deep into the client's subconscious where faulty belief systems are operating. The major part of T3 is working with Core Belief Systems, identifying ad eliminating faulty ones and replacing them with empowering ones.

A client's belief system also creates self-fulfilling prophecies, which are powerful and often work on a deep subconscious level of which the client is unaware. We replace these with positive ones as well.

Examples of beliefs that hold us back and keep us stuck.

I'm not good enough.

I don't matter.

I'm unloveable. No one wants me.

I don't deserve it.

I'll never have enough.

Life is a struggle.

I'm all alone.

No matter what I do, it's not going to work out.

Blog Talk Interview

Three Dimensional Therapy:  New Technique for Changing Core Belief Systems

Dr. Karen Kan interviews Gwen Legler and Leilani Alexander on...

Identifying your core belief system from surface to the deeper subconcsious

Understanding your core desire and its affect on core beliefs

And working with Cording, PTSD, Conception Energy, and Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Heal the past

Live the present

Dream the future! 

Conditions helped by T3

There are many ways in which a person can be helped with T3 sessions. What follows are a list of challenges that have been helped by the T3 modality. The goal is to free one to live a healthier, fuller, and more successful life.

  • abuse
  • Adoption
  • anger
  • PTSD


Whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, spiritual, or any combination, T3 helps a person understand what happened in the past that still affects them and addresses the beliefs getting in the way.

I have more control over my life

I’ve worked with Allison on key issues and have found her to be knowledgeable and compassionate. She got to the root of my issues and empowered me to take the steps I needed to take to have more control over my life. As a result of our work, I’ve seen many positive changes, both in my career and personally.

I have more confidence in my work and in the value I provide to all my clients. I’ve also been able to set clearly defined boundaries with my family so I can be available to help them while allowing plenty of personal time to recharge. My default attitude now is much calmer and happier. I am so grateful for this healing work and look forward to working with Allison again as the needs arise.

Kristian G, GA

Understanding me

I was struck by how someone I've never met and doesn't know me can identify my core beliefs that describe me to a 'T' and do it better than I could.  It was amazing! Thank you so much for your help!! 

David H, UT

It's working for me...

T3 is working for me. I'm choosing joy over the pain I've had for so long.  I'm ready to let go of the old stuff.  Also, I've had NO migraines since we started to work together.  Miraculous!! 

"Renee" G, Las Vegas

Reversing self-sabotage

Reversing the thoughts and beliefs sabotaging my efforts was miraculous. Installing improved beliefs immediately ignited positive changes in my life. 

Jan F, Grass Valley CA

Are you ready to say goodbye to beliefs that aren't serving you?

​In this session, we'll explore what isn't working in your life, what self-sabotage is occurring, and what other patterns keep showing up over and over.  Those are often clues to the Core Beliefs lurking in the background. 

Because Core Belief work involves more exploration, the time to identify, release, then rebuild your Core Belief system, is longer.  This is a full 90 minute session.  We often find we need to clear trapped emotions and other trapped energies as we go.  It's possible that completing one Core Belief session could require more than one session. If so, I'm not charging for additional session time in order to complete the work. 

If you are a new client, I recommend a free consultation to start so I can learn more about your situation. I will also ask you to complete a 10-15 minute survey that gives me more details and this applies to new and existing clients. 

With that completed, the next step is to schedule your session using the button to the right. The fee of $150 includes a follow-up visit 2 to 3 weeks after the new Core Belief is installed to check your progress.