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Practitioners…”Take Flight, Launch Your Business & Soar” training course begins January 25th

If you’re an Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner and you’ve been looking for help to jump start your business, then go to this website for details on a new training course that might be just want you’re looking for.  We’re offering a big discount for this class and are only accepting a few more […]

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7 Proven Strategies to Calm Frayed Nerves When Stress Invades Your Day

Everyday in my Release Your Baggage practice, I help people release emotions that come from difficult, stressful times. Clients often ask, “What can I do when the stress gets intense so I’m not creating baggage that I have to deal with later?” The techniques I’m about to share can make a big difference. They’ve been […]

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How do you know if the energy work is making a difference?

Clients often ask how they’ll know if releasing emotional baggage will make a difference. My answer is changes for health problems can be noticeable very soon after the release. And then again, it’s possible you won’t notice changes taking place at all. By working on imbalances, our intention is to make conditions right so the […]

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