About Allison

Transcending the Pain of the Past

I was raised on a farm in south-central Minnesota with my parents, 3 brothers and a sister. My great-grandfather, who emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800’s, homesteaded the farm. When I was seven years old, my family had a series of 3 tragic accidents that occurred on that farm that profoundly affected my entire family.

The three accidents

The first accident happened to my father who lost part of a finger while fixing farm equipment during fall harvest. I remember how bad I felt to see him in such pain. His shortened finger was a constant reminder of that traumatic day until the day he died.

The next accident happened to me in late March, six months later. I had been riding my new bike I’d gotten for my fall birthday up and down our driveway on this Sunday afternoon. 

My Dad was burning hay bails next to the driveway that had been stacked up around the outside of our house. The house, built before 1900, did not have insulation in the walls. The hay bails were used to keep more heat in the house as we dealt with the extreme cold of Minnesota winters.

The fire was burning on the side of the driveway where I was riding. Smoke drifted across it and into my path as I road my bike. It hurt my eyes so I decided to close them as I drove through the smoke on that stretch of the driveway. The problem was I didn’t drive straight. I veered right into the fire and fell, my bike landing on top of me, trapping me. Our neighbor on the other side of the driveway saw what happened and ran to my rescue, pulling the bike off of me so I could get out of the fire. I remember vividly the shock, panic, and terror I felt at the time.

I had second and third degree burns on about 10% of my body. I was fortunate my injuries weren’t worse than they were, but nonetheless, it hurt! The healing process seemed to take a long time with every other day dressing changes and one surgery. A nurse at the doctor’s office supported me during the difficult times that followed. She acted out fairy tails to distract me during those extremely painful dressing changes. I do believe it was her compassion that sparked my desire to become a nurse.

The third accident, which happened six months later, was to my 5 year old brother Craig, a sweet, tenderhearted soul. He found poison in the basement while our mother wasn’t home. We believe he thought it was candy and ate some. He died 3 days later leaving not just a hole in our family that we would never forget, but deep profound sadness and grief that we each dealt with in our own separate ways. My mother was pregnant at the time. My youngest brother was born 6 weeks later, never having known his big brother.

The next chapter

As I grew to be an adult, I often wondered about the many ways that tragic year had affected my life. What had it done to me and to each member of my family? I have always been “a glass half full” kind of person. When bad things happened, I would try to see the bright side of things. I have long had a strong desire to help others deal with their illnesses and traumas in life. I wanted to ease their pain and see their suffering end. Being a nurse helped me to do that to some degree.

Where I found I had the biggest life challenges was in relationships. None of them seemed to last long and I have wondered why. Could it be that I had so much pain and loss as a child that I was afraid of getting too close? Was I afraid I might get hurt by loss again?

In the early 2000’s, a significant relationship ended that rocked my world. I had purchased Wayne Dyer’s audio book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, just a few months earlier. After the break up with my boyfriend, I listened to those tapes over and over. I was glued to every word. It helped me move beyond my emotional pain more quickly than I ever imagined possible.

An added benefit from that book was an introduction to Energy Medicine. I’ve long believed Western medicine was good at treating symptoms but not at treating the source of the problem. Over the next ten years, I tried several modalities that gave me a new perspective on health and healing but none that completely resonated with me.

Finding The Emotion Code

It was in January of 2012 when I first heard Dr. Brad Nelson speak on a webinar explaining the technique in his book, The Emotion Code. I listened to him work with clients and heard their reactions to his work. Some had immediate improvements overcoming physical and emotional pain. I ordered a copy of the book and set out to see if I could have similar results.

For a few months, I worked with friends, family members and myself using this newly discovered energy healing method. I found that I had what Dr. Nelson explained was a Heart Wall with some trapped emotions from the age of 7. This made so much sense. After releasing my Heart Wall, I started to see changes in my life for the better, both in my professional life and in my relationships. Not only was I seeing results in myself, but people I was working on were seeing results, too. My path in Energy Medicine was sealed!

I’ve been working with Dr. Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code ever since then and am still amazed at what my clients have to say about how this energy work has helped them. It is for that reason that I offer my services to help others with these healing sessions. I believe Energy Medicine is the new frontier in health and healing and I am delighted to be a part of it. People now have more effective options to improve their health and well being using these easy and gentle methods in a cost effective way.

I feel honored to work with my clients to help them on their life’s journey. All of us pass through hardships and trials in life and can accumulate emotional energies that impact our lives in various negative ways. It’s just so great to find out that you can so painlessly let those things go. Are you ready to let go of your emotional baggage? It’s simple and so worth doing. I’m here to help when you feel ready.

If you have a question or two, let’s talk briefly to see how I can help.  You'll find my complimentary 20- minute consultation in my menu of services for new clients.  I look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions.  If you feel that this is just what you have been looking for and are ready to get started now, just select from the services listed and set an appointment today!

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