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There comes a point when the status quo just isn't working anymore. Life isn't going your way and you know it's time for a change.  Whether you're trying to cope with the stresses of life or working to overcome health challenges, or you're a healer looking to get your business up and thriving, I'd like to offer you my help. 

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Discover the relief of carrying a lighter load.  Unload the emotional baggage keeping you stuck. My powerful, effective and gentle healing methods benefit clients all over the world.

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If you want to grow a healing practice but are getting stuck by what you don't know, I'm here to help.  With the necessary "know how," move forward with greater clarity and confidence.

  I have felt such a shift, emotionally and physically. I can't remember feeling that good in a long, long time. I'm starting to make connections with people again. Other things are starting to work again too."

Angela S., Fredricksburg, VA

Are you ready to bring to light what's hiding in your baggage?

Unload and release all that's holding you back.

Time does not always heal all wounds.  As much as you might think, “I thought I got over that,” old wounds could still be festering, begging for release.

The pain of the past, or present, can become buried deep within. When it does, it may later resurface as physical pain and dysfunction (aka disease), anxiety, depression, worry, procrastination, angry outbursts, self-sabotage and much more.

Awareness of your emotional baggage often begins with feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.  It can happen in any area of your life: relationships, health, wealth, or career.  Sometimes, it's more than a feeling - a major event or trigger has completely blindsided you, highjacking your attention and rocking your world.

Can you relate?

You feel stuck, frustrated, and unmotivated.

You've struggled with anxiety, worry, and a sense of doom.

You're going through a major life transition, leaving you to feeling unsettled, out of control, and maybe even terrified.

​The relationship with your significant other is strained. Perhaps you've just been through a harrowing loss or break-up, the stress of which is taking its toll.

​You want more from your career or business - more opportunity, more money, more ways to make a difference - but it's just not materializing.

​You're in pain, facing health challenges, and just want to feel normal again.

If you can relate, let me offer you hope. You don’t have to continue to live with the baggage of the past, or even the present. This is where I can help. I'm your healing facilitator looking to find then release the energetic imbalances creating havoc in your life - your emotional baggage. The processes I use are gentle yet transformational, and unlike talk therapy, no long drawn out conversations that keep rehashing the past are necessary.

Does it really work?

It's easiest to answer that by offering what a few of my clients have shared with me.  You'll find more from these clients and others on the Testimonial page, where their stories highlight just how far they've come in their healing journey.

What my clients have to say...

After just a few sessions with Allison, I'm starting to feel like my old self again...I'm so grateful to feel more at peace and confident."  

Teri G, California

"Our sessions have helped me to trust my instincts. They've also helped me realize and ask for my true value." 

Tracy F,  New York City

"My chronic low back pain is gone. Two years later, there is still no pain.  The value is priceless."

Julie R, Chicago

"I'm more focused, more energized, more productive.  I feel like I've released a lot of baggage. That's helping me be all I can be."

"Sam" B, Houston

"Allison pulled me out of a dark, unhealthy place, brought me into the light, and restored my desire to be alive." 

Grissel C,  New York City

"The therapeutic value you bring is priceless. I've experienced a lot of shifts because of the work we've done."

"Renee" G, Las Vegas

Are you ready for change?  I work with clients journeying through a variety of different issues, though my particular specialty is helping people get unstuck after significant life unheavals such as loss of a loved one, a career change, or a health crisis.  Sign up for a free consultation and let's explore what's possible.  Remember - there is hope!

Meet Allison

Energy Practitioner and Healer Business Coach

Allison Johnson

Healers Library

Coaching Graduate & Mentor

I discovered The Emotion Code when I heard its founder Dr. Bradley Nelson speak on a webinar 4+ years ago.  I was so intrigued by his approach and so eager to learn more about it that I soon became a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

Since then, I've had the wonderful opportunity to be directly mentored by Dr. Brad and his team.  Under their tutelage, I mastered not only advanced therapeutic techniques but also came to understand the full scope of running a successful healing practice. 

When my year of coaching ended, I was invited to serve as a mentor to the next group of students, with an emphasis on helping catapult their businesses to the next level.

I left my day job over a year ago and now work full-time as an Energy Practitioner. It gives me such joy to get to know clients from around the world.

I'm pleased to be expanding my services as a Business Coach to help other healing facilitators who need support and guidance in growing their practices.  Helping others release their baggage and realize their true potential is my deepest desire. It's exciting to imagine how many more people might be helped through my being of service to other healers.

Before becoming an Energy Practitioner, I enjoyed a long career in Nursing, holding many different roles over the years from ICU and Dialysis nursing, to supervising a busy hospital unit, to consulting with Employee Benefit Departments of large corporations.

While these experiences helped me understand health care from many different perspectives, over time I came to believe there might be more to healing than what I was witnessing. I'm very excited about what's possible within Alternative Medicine and Energy Healing, and am passionate about using these modalities to help people see true, lasting change in their lives.

I hope we have the opportunity to connect very soon. 

Blessings to you and yours,


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