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Complimentary Emotion Code Starter Kit including the Emotion Code eBook and Emotion Code Chart.

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Download your complimentary Emotion Code Starter Program.  Learn how to remove your own trapped emotions and experience the life you've dreamed of.

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This is the ground breaking method developed by Dr. Nelson and that I use in my daily practice to identify and release trapped emotions, the unseen emotional baggage from traumatic experiences that leads to physical, mental and emotional life problems and illnesses.

When you download the free EMOTION CODE STARTER PROGRAM, you will discover:

    Why the invisible epidemic of trapped emotions is crushing our souls – and what you can do to create a profound positive change in your life and the lives of others…

    Simple ways you can use magnets to release the trapped emotions that are holding you back – releasing these emotions will allow you to enjoy maximum health and abundance in your life…

    How to break free from the “Heart-Wall” that may be causing havoc in your life – find out if you have a heart wall and how to quickly get rid of it…

    How to use the power of the subconscious mind and “Muscle-Testing” to pinpoint and release trapped emotions that may be causing health problems…

    The secrets of proxy and distant healing – imagine helping others (even animals) release their trapped emotions from anywhere in the world…

    And much, much more.

    You will get access to:

    The Emotion Code eBook (Value $19.95), The Emotion Code Audio Book MP3s (Value $47.95), and the Emotion Code Book and the Chart of Emotions (Value $19.95).


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If you are thinking about becoming a Practitioner, or are one already, I can help in directing you to the next best option or program.  My role as a Healers Library Mentor and support to Dr. Brad and his teams helps me understand what Healers Library has to offer. Please contact me with your questions.

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